Hey Queen! We need You! (UK)

“Drag Queens United – the Belgian Edition” is coming. Inspired by what Lady Galore has been doing in the Netherlands for several years and after I had her on the phone the day before yesterday, I think it’s high time that we as Belgian Drag Queens stand up. Therefore, I’m taking the initiative to launch this extraordinary project.

This years theme of the Antwerp Pride on Saturday is “Love United”. The perfect timing to bring “Drag Queens United” the Belgian edition to life.

That our world is not always running “smoothly” doesn’t need any further explanation. That even within gay scene there is discrimination against fems, drags, twinks, transvestites, genderfluxers, bears, leather queens and so on is unfortunately hardly a shocker.
Therefore I find the idea particularly appealing to set an example from within our community. We have the reputation of being “bitchy” and “gossippy”, as Lady Galore puts it clearly, therefore this call.

Let us prove we can do it differently. We can learn from each other, work together and show up as a strong colorful group.

So my first question is:
Are you in? Are you saying, “Yes I am!” Please send a great picture of yourself to info@bangbangladesh.be or via www.Facebook.com/BangBangLaDeshForever.
This way you will be listed on the site www.dragqueensunited.be (under construction) as a participant in the project. Add your email and your real name and cell phone as well. These will obviously not be published, but will make it it easier to reach you for future projects. You can closely follow anything that happens through my website and / or Facebook.

Please share this shout out with all your friends. The more, the merrier.
As soon as we have established enough interest, we will make a beautiful photo and / or video together, in which we will come out as a strong group. The date is not been set yet, but we’re working on it. There are other projects in the planning, but more about that later.

I hope that you, like me, are dreaming of a world with more friendship, love and unity, and that you as an artist, personality or just as yourself, are willing to get involved in this great project and contribute your part.

“Every little bit helps,” said the mosquito and she peed in the sea.


aka Peter Platel

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